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What Type of Pillow Makes for a Better Night’s Sleep?
What Type of Pillow Makes for a Better Night’s Sleep?

Waking up from a restful night’s sleep means better performance at work and a better mood. To help get you the kind of sleep you need to function at a high level, the right pillow is necessary. Harvard Medical School points out that if your pillow is causing your head to be bent for long periods throughout the night, you’re probably sleeping in pain.

Is there a “right” pillow for preventing nighttime pain? Harvard Medical School shares that whatever pillow makes you comfortable at night is the right one for you. The problem for most neck pain sufferers is finding that “right” pillow.

Bpillow and Prevention share some of the best types of pillows for those who suffer from neck pain.

  1. Waterbase pillow. Waterbase pillows contain an inner core filled with water which allows the pillow to adjust to however you sleep – on your back, side or stomach. The Mediflow waterbase pillow is being used at John Hopkins University for a clinical study, and participants find it extremely comfortable.
  2. Memory foam pillow. The advantage of memory foam is that it adjusts to your body, conforming itself to every curve. Memory foam pillows come in a variety of shapes, depending on how you sleep. A lot of different brands of memory foam are on the market, but that doesn’t mean that they are all equal. Tampor, Bamboo and Tempur-Pedic are just a few. Because these pillows tend to be expensive, finding out if there is a trial period may be a wise choice.
  3. Wedge pillow. If you tend to be a back sleeper, the wedge pillow should be a consideration. It helps keep your body inclined, helping with acid reflux at the same time it’s giving support to your neck.
  4. Shredded memory foam pillow. The advantage to the shredded memory foam over a regular memory foam pillow is that the pieces allow the pillow to adjust for back, side and stomach sleeping. A separate type of pillow isn’t needed.
  5. A new way of doing pillows comes with MyPillow. It’s filled with L-shaped pieces of foam that move and interlock to get perfect conformity to your sleeping patterns. The pillow comes in sizes that are dependent on your shirt size and has four different types of filling.
  6. Feather pillow. Feathers for filler is an old-time standard. Feathers conform to your head and neck, making it versatile for many different ways of sleeping, and they also repel dust mites. The disadvantages are that they are often very expensive; and because feathers or down is the filler, they often sleep hot.
  7. Cotton-filled pillows. Cotton and synthetic fillers for pillows are generally less expensive than any of the above pillows, but they come with drawbacks. These fillers often compact very quickly and can make your pillow lumpy. They also make a great place for dust mites to congregate, requiring a cover or constant washing to keep the mites under control.

Whatever type of pillow you prefer, check and make sure that it isn’t the source for your neck pain and headaches. If the solution to your discomfort is just a new pillow, you have an easy solution.

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