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Atlanta Brain and Spine Care believes in client education, and through various animations and illustrations, our neurosurgeons can keep their patients abreast of their diagnosis, treatments, and recovery. Our expansive cranial surgical procedures and conditions are thoroughly outlined in the resources, and they are a powerful aid in assisting our patients with understanding and bridging the gap with the physicians and their clients.

More Resources

Pituitary Network Association

American Brain Tumor Association

Neurology Surgical Procedures

Neurology Conditions

Learn about vertebroplasty in this useful animation.

Chronic Subdural Hematomas Explained in layman's language.

An animation explains the condition: hydrocephalus.

Educational video describes normal pressure hydrocephalus.

What is an acoustic neuroma? Learn more in this useful animation.

Learn about astrocytomas in this animation from our education center.

Learn about the cranial condition described as a meningioma.

What you need to know about metastatic tumors.

Learn about pituitary tumors in our educational video

An acute subdural hematoma is often mentioned in television dramas, but what exactly is it?

Trigeminal neuralgia is caused by nerve compression. Learn more

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